The Christian Wake-Up Call
The Christian Wake-Up Call
21-03: Believing in the Resurrection

Thank you for joining us on the Christian Wake-up Call.

In this episode, we will be discussing the Resurrection of Jesus. 

How can you know it is true and believe it with confidence? 

In fact, there are many who do not believe the Resurrection occurred. Of course, you may even be one of them.

However, despite what many doubter may say or choose to believe, their opinions are typically based off of what they choose to believe. Furthermore, their beliefs are typically,  more often than not, based on unsupported or miss interpreted evidence. Again, they may not use any evidence at all in forming the opinion.

Therefore, we feel that it is important for us to explain the evidence in support of the Resurrection. Whether you are a believer or not, we hope to provide you with the information you need to make your own informed choice on the subject.  After all, we should al be seekers of the truth and not victims of our own personal desires.

In this weeks episode, we will cover:

  • The Empty Tomb
  • Jesus Appearances After the Resurrection
  • Naturalistic Arguments Against the Resurrection.

In any event, believer or not, you should join us as we explore the evidence for the Resurrection. Discover why many Christian can feel confident in knowing the Resurrection occurred.  In fact, you may discover that the belief in the Resurrection is based soundly on the evidence,

In summary, I believe there is a solid set of evidence to support the Resurrections of Jesus. Notably, you will find far more documentation and testimony supporting the Resurrection than any event in history that we accept as factual. Because of this, I believe if you are a rational individual willing to look at the evidence at face value, you will see the Resurrection in new light.

God Bless,


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