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What is the Christian Wake-Up Call?

The Christian Wake-Up Call is a Christian podcast for discipleship, sound theology, and apologetics. It’s a place to learn about the Bible, life, and Christianity.

This podcast, hosted by John Davison, is aimed at helping listeners develop a deeper understanding of Christianity and strengthen their personal faith.

In the nearly six years since his conversion, John has been a devout follower of Jesus Christ. He is a Stephen Minister, a Presbyterian deacon, and a student at Liberty University’s School of Divinity.

Our weekly Christian podcast will preach the good news of Jesus Christ, discuss relevant social and political issues, and look to the Bible for wisdom and insight. We’ll explain why we believe what we do, and anyone from any faith tradition, or none at all, is welcome to listen in.

The Christian Wake-Up Call Podcast’s Mission

The goal of our ministry is to spread the Good News and develop fully devoted followers of Jesus. We rely on a theology founded on a correct interpretation of the Bible to achieve this goal.

It is our mission to spread and instruct God’s Word. The Bible is crucial to the formation of a Christian worldview. To help others become entirely devoted followers of Christ, we impart the Gospel through teaching, experience, and example.

We thirst after the perishing. We hope that individuals will be drawn to God and grow in holiness through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

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No matter what it is, I am always happy to hear from my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Feel free to email me any time at jdavison@christianwakeupcall.com to share anything you may have on your mind. 



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Episode List

Is Jesus God?

Is Jesus God?

On This Episode Of The Christian Wake-up Call. In this episode, we will be discussing if Jesus is God.. There are many who do not believe Jesus is divine and that it was made up many years later by the church.  But is that true?  Join us as we talk about what the...

Is Jesus God?

Does God Exist?

Does God exist? We provide you with five arguments that supports His existence.

Is Jesus God?

Understanding Salvation

Christians like to talk about salvation but what does that mean? Join us in this episode, and we discuss this topic.

Is Jesus God?

Is Faith Blind?

Do we have blind faith as Christians? While some of us may have blind faith, scripturally we should be able to defend our faith.

Is Jesus God?

Man’s Fall

Is it true that man fell because he ate a forbidden fruit, or is there more to the story?

Is Jesus God?

Let’s Get Started

The Christian Wake-up call is live in our very first episode. Discover who we are and what is to come.

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