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Do you know the Gospel?

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Christian Podcast | 0 comments

Ep: 21-02 Do you know the Gospel?

by John | Christian Wake-Up Call Podcast


Welcome to this week’s episode of the Christian Wake-up Call.

In this episode, we will be discussing the Gospel.  The Gospel or Good News is a central part of our faith and was the message preached by Jesus Himself.  He instructed all his disciples to spread the Gospel around the world.  Yet I wonder how many Christians even understand it themselves, let alone expect them to share it with others.  So this week, we are starting with a fundamental understanding of the Gospel.  So this week, this is what you can expect…

  • The Bad News
  • The Perfect Sacrifice
  • Paid in Full

So come on in this week and see how well you know the Gospel.  We look forward to sharing God’s word and helping you share your faith as well.   Thank you again for joining us, and please share this with all your friends and family.  Not only does this help us share the word directly with them, but hit helps increase our chance of moving up the search results.

God Bless,




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