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10 Facts That Prove The Truth Of God

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Apologetics | 0 comments

Proving the Truth of God

There are many facts that prove the Truth of God.  The Bible is filled with countless fulfilled prophesies, eyewitness accounts of Jesus Christ and all that He did, and history is filled with personal experiences that prove the Truth of God.  Below we explain ten of the boldest, most amazing facts that prove the Truth of God.

Fact #1 – Fulfilled Prophesies

The Bible is absolutely filled with prophecies that have come true.  In Isaiah 39:5-6, we read where Isaiah prophesied to Hezekiah that Judah would be defeated by Babylon and would be taken into captivity.  It was so specific to even go into detail that the people, all that they own, and everything their fathers had saved up would all be carried off to Babylon.  History proves that Babylon did indeed conquer and take into slavery Judah, about 100 years after this prophecy was spoken. We also see in John 1:10-11 that the Bible tells us about Jesus, and how He was the one who was with God from the beginning and lived in the world, yet the world did not believe who He said He was.  It even goes into further details about how He went to His own and His own received Him not. This is all fulfilled through the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to the Jewish people and they rejected Him, opening the Gospel to the gentiles.v

Fact #2 – The Truth of God Changed Lives

There have been many changed lives because of the Truth of God.  The Truth of God is the Word of God, and the Word of God has revolutionized the lives of many that have heard its words.  One very prominent example of this from the Bible is the story of Saul. Saul was a Roman soldier who hunted down, imprisoned, and killed Christians for their beliefs.  Jesus appeared to Saul during his walk from Damascus to Jerusalem. During Jesus’ appearance to Saul on the road to Damascus, Jesus asked Saul why he was persecuting Him.  It was during this personal experience with Jesus Christ that Saul was converted to a Christian. Saul was later renamed Paul and became one of the strongest proponents of Christianity in history. If you asked any Christian that you know what God has done for them, I am sure you would hear about more changed lives.  There are countless stories of people being able to overcome being addicted to drugs, sexual immorality, and many other sins through their newfound relationship with Jesus.

Fact #3 – Manuscripts that prove the accuracy of translations

With over 25,000 manuscripts of the Bible, there is insurmountable evidence of the Truth of God.  These manuscripts are copies of a very old text, a text that could have easily faded over time, but it did not.  The fact that we have such a large amount of manuscripts of the Bible and that they all line up and agree with each other is amazing proof of the Truth of God.  If you write a friend a letter and ask him to take the letter and write it to another friend, you would likely have a completely different story by the end. Not with the Bible, these manuscripts have been painstakingly copied and they all line up to tell us the same story of Jesus Christ.

Fact #4 – A truth worth dying for, many apostles gave their lives for the Gospel

Not many people would die for a lie but a truth so strong, so life-changing had many of the apostles give their lives.  How many people do you know would allow themselves to be killed because of some guy who calls himself the messiah? But what if they were 100% certain that he was the messiah?  What if they believed with all their hearts that he was truly the son of God and that his words were true? Some of the apostles were beaten, clubbed, or even stoned to death for their beliefs in Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the Truth and the apostles died because of their faith in that Truth.

Fact #5 – The Tel Dan Stele mentions the House of David, skeptics said David did not exist.

It was until 1993 that many skeptics did not believe that the David of the Bible ever existed.  The Tel Dan Stele is a fragment of stone that was discovered by an archeologist named Gila Cook in Tel-Dan in 1993.  This historical find contained a language very similar to what the historical Jews used. On this fragment of stone contained details about the House of David, proving that the David of the Bible and his house really existed and quieting many skeptics.  Not only did it mention David and his House, but is also mentioned the King of the Jews, further proving the truth of the Bible.

Fact #6 – Acceptable as a Historical Text

The Bible is widely considered as a historical text throughout the world today in many college campuses and scholarly journals.  Many textbooks today refer to the Bible as a valid and accurate historical text for the History of the Jews and even in the Roman Empire.  For the scientific and scholarly world to consider the Bible true enough to be used as a historical text, that confirms that the Bible is held to a very high standard among the scholarly.  There are many very old books but very few of them hold the test of time to be used as an accurate account of history over 2000 years later. The fact that the Bible is still used as an acceptable historical text proves the Truth of God because the Bible is the Word of God.

Fact # 7 – Witness testimony of the Bible Proves the Truth of God

The Bible is full of eyewitness testimony.  Today, eyewitness testimony is still one of the strongest forms of proof in a court of law.  Eyewitness testimony gives us a direct account of what occurred during major or historical events.  What makes the eyewitness testimony of the Bible so amazing is that there were multiple eyewitness accounts and they all line up to tell the same story.  It is hard to get people in the same room to agree on something, let alone all of them tell the same exact story without exaggerating about what had happened.  If we look at the four Gospels of the New Testament; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, all of these are first-hand eyewitness accounts of what happened during the Life of Jesus Christ.  These accounts cover the announcing of His birth, His early childhood, how He called His disciples to follow Him, first-hand accounts of many miracles that Jesus did, and most importantly His death on the cross and resurrection three days later.  The fact that these four Gospels all line up and tell the same story is proof of the Truth of God.

Fact #8 – Personal Experience Proves the Truth of God

Personal experiences prove the Truth of God.  If you have never had a personal experience with God, then this bold statement might be hard to believe.  However, if you have had a personal experience with God then you know exactly what I am talking about. There have been thousands, if not millions of stories of people having personal experiences with God that not only prove the Truth of God but also change their lives forever.  Alice Cooper, for example, was most famous for his “Shock Rock” and graphic music. He lived a life of partying, drinking, and even drugs until he announced to his fans one day that he was giving up that life and that he was now a Christian. He admitted that living a life of partying was easy but living life as a Christian was hard, yet he still chose the path of following God.  Alice Cooper had a personal experience with God and it absolutely changed his life forever. We are made up of all our personal experiences throughout our life and that is why these personal experiences prove the Truth of God.

Fact #9 – The Bible proves the Truth of the Bible

The Old Testament has stood the test of time all on its own, but it was just the beginning of something great.  The Old Testament teaches us so much about God, how He loves us, how he knew us before we were even in the womb, and how He longed to save humanity.  The Old Testament told us of a coming savior, one who would be born of a virgin, hated and rejected by His own people, yet would give his life for humanity so that they might have eternal life.  The New Testament and the Old Testament go hand in hand, they are both the Word of God and they both confirm and prove the Truth of God. By reading the Bible God speaks to us, He tells us how we ought to live our lives as Christians.  His Word is true, and you can see the consistency of His Truth throughout the entire Bible.

Fact #10 – Jesus, the Son of God

The most important fact that proves the Truth of God is Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God.  You cannot speak of the Truth of God without mentioning Jesus. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the Truth.  By reading the Bible and studying the words of Jesus, the love of God is revealed to us. Jesus is the ultimate message to humanity, a message of love and of hope.  We just need to read John 3:16 to see how much God loves us. God, the creator of the world, the universe, and every living thing sent His only Son to Earth to die for our sins.  He loved us so much that He was willing to have His Son be the ultimate sacrifice for Humanity. It is through our faith in Jesus Christ as God’s Son and his sacrifice on the cross that we are saved and can be united with God.  Jesus proves the Truth of God through His life and ultimately through His death on the cross.

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